Material Handling & Industrial Products

The main types of steel mezzanines for industrial and commercial use, and mezzanine floors for distribution and fulfillment centers, and other material handling and storage applications.
Industrial Steel Mezzanine Systems

Structural Mezzanines:

known as a structural, steel, or wide-span mezzanine, these are commonly used in a wide variety of applications and offer great flexibility in set-up and restructuring. Ideal where a large open area is required for equipment either below or above.

Industrial Steel Mezzanine Systems

Shelving Supported Mezzanines:

Shelf supported mezzanines are multi level storage structures. Cat walks are supported by shelving and don’t require any structure that impedes accessibility. A ‘drop zone’ on upper levels can be added, where pallets of product can be staged for picking or packing. Conveyor is another option for moving product up or down, either in cartons or bins.

Industrial Steel Mezzanine Systems

Rack Supported Mezzanines:

Rack supported mezzanines, otherwise known as pick towers, function the same as shelf supported mezzanines. They can hold larger, heavier product, and are ideal for applications where building height allows for more than one level.

Industrial Steel Mezzanine Systems

Drop Zone:

This safety pivot gate allows loading and unloading of pallets while insuring that a continuous guard rail is maintained. One position allows pallets to be loaded from the ground level by fork lift / reach truck. The guard pivots and gives access to the pallet from the upper level while preventing the pallet from moving toward the edge.


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